Anthem controls for PC and console

Knowing how to master your halberd is essential in the game, and there may be certain actions that you don’t know how to perform or that you have directly forgotten. Do not worry because we have prepared this guide in which you will know what are all the controls of Anthem for PC and console, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn them or do not lose sight of this list to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Anthem controls for PC

We start by indicating all the Anthem controls for PC:

  • W: In front
  • S: Behind
  • To the left
  • D: Right
  • Space: Jump
  • Shift Left: Sprint / Activate Flight
  • Center mouse button: Evade
  • C: Cover
  • Left mouse button: Shoot weapon
  • Right mouse button: Point
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom
  • V: Melee
  • R: Reload
  • Tab: Change weapon
  • Q: Skill 1
  • E: Skill 2
  • Z: Skill 3
  • X: Ultimate
  • F: Interact
  • I: Inventory
  • J: Cortex
  • O: Social
  • M: Map
  • L: Options
  • 1: Weapon 1
  • 2 Weapon 2
  • ,: Gesture 1
  • .: Gesture 2
  • /: Gesture 3
  • T: Press to speak

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