How to fly in Anthem and do it right

Although the BioWare game has simple mechanics, they all have certain tricks that cost more to master, but you should know to get the most out of the game. In this case the same thing happens with the possibility of flying in Anthem, and we have made this little guide that we hope will help you improve your aerial skills.

How to fly in Anthem efficiently

Once you are in the air you must take into account the overheating of the halberd. If you swoop down you will cool the halberd, as if you pass through waterfalls or areas of water. Do it whenever you can and always keep the bar in focus before it is no longer usable.

We recommend that you fly efficiently in Anthem by pressing the cover button to make small stops that will allow you to reposition the position. This is tremendously useful for overcoming obstacles and making closed movements. Try it, it is much better than doing the movement in a normal way. And remember that each halberd has special flight skills , which we detail below.

Unique flight skills

To fly in Anthem perfectly you must follow our previous advice, but you must also take advantage of the special skills of each of the halberds:

Storm has a shield while it is covered and is able to stay in the air for longer. Take the opportunity to launch attacks and shots from above.

The Colossus is able to open the shield while it is flying, which is a very useful advantage to launch itself against the enemies and take advantage of their offensive abilities.


Luck in Anthem – How it works and usage guide

If you have arrived here then you probably want to know how luck works in anthem and why it is so important. First of all you have to know what they do has a huge amount of statistics that can affect certain areas of the game environment and in addition each player can invest in improving each of these statistics by making the experience enormously personalized. Although most of the statistics before are not as simple and as simple as defense or attack power, there are others a bit more like luck.

In this article we describe everything you need to know about luck and why it is important. The main objective of luck is to improve the possibility of finding better quality objects and even rare and legendary objects. The more you invest in this field of statistics, the more chances you have of getting very good items after each battle. Obviously, luck serves for more things than to obtain objects. We tell you everything in this article.

Luck in Anthem – why it is important

One of the main reasons why you want to have more luck is because you want high quality items, which are extremely expensive and will give you a huge amount of coins. Or maybe it’s because they simply have additional bonuses within each of their statistics. As you know, united green has an additional ability while a blue one has two and a legendary one has three.

Having more skills will make you much more compete to face enemies and other players. One of these skills is, for example, the possibility of having 20% ​​more ammunition in your assault rifle, which ends up assuming the difference between victory and defeat.

Luck in Anthem – how to be more likely to find these items

The higher your probability of finding these items, the more likely you are to obtain an object that is really useful or extremely expensive. Keep in mind that all objects that appear to you after defeating a character are completely random. This is similar to what happens in other video games such as Destiny 2 of which we have written a lot of articles.

This is essentially all you have to know about luck in anthem. Essentially it is a statistic that allows you to obtain rare and very good quality items or items that are simply standard and mediocre. It is up to you to know if you want to invest points in luck or in any of the rest of the statistics that the game has. We hope you liked our article and see you in the next post about anthem.


Anthem controls for PC and console

Knowing how to master your halberd is essential in the game, and there may be certain actions that you don’t know how to perform or that you have directly forgotten. Do not worry because we have prepared this guide in which you will know what are all the controls of Anthem for PC and console, PS4 and Xbox One. Learn them or do not lose sight of this list to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Anthem controls for PC

We start by indicating all the Anthem controls for PC:

  • W: In front
  • S: Behind
  • To the left
  • D: Right
  • Space: Jump
  • Shift Left: Sprint / Activate Flight
  • Center mouse button: Evade
  • C: Cover
  • Left mouse button: Shoot weapon
  • Right mouse button: Point
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom
  • V: Melee
  • R: Reload
  • Tab: Change weapon
  • Q: Skill 1
  • E: Skill 2
  • Z: Skill 3
  • X: Ultimate
  • F: Interact
  • I: Inventory
  • J: Cortex
  • O: Social
  • M: Map
  • L: Options
  • 1: Weapon 1
  • 2 Weapon 2
  • ,: Gesture 1
  • .: Gesture 2
  • /: Gesture 3
  • T: Press to speak

How to change colors in Anthem

One of the fundamental aspects to be a good Librancero is to carry a Halberd with style. Apply visual modifications and, above all, change colors in Anthem that suit your tastes. We are going to teach you how to do it in the simplest way possible, so you can have a striking, original and unique exoskeleton with which to face enemies and protect Fort Tarsis.

How to change colors in Anthem

The first thing you should do to be able to change colors in Anthem is to go to Fort Tarsis, where you will find the Forge that allows you to make different modifications to your Halberd. Among the options on the tab above you will see one that says Appearance. Go to it as it will be the point on which all visual modification options revolve.

Once there you will find the option of Painting and Materials, where precisely you can change the colors in Anthem and also the construction materials of each part of the suit. To change the material click on the space where the ball appears and to change the color click on the right side of the box, where the color chosen at that moment appears.

If you have unlocked or changed them, from the Appearance menu you can also apply visual modifications of another type, such as stickers or skins, which you may like.

Remember that we have made other help guides for Anthem, such as the one in which we show you what Luck is and how it works or is in which we explain what is the best method to level up fast.


How to find and locate all chests in Anthem

If you are a completist player or simply want to facilitate the search for the collectibles of the latest BioWare title, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this guide, as we will help you find all the chests in Anthem, which are scattered all over the world of game in different locations, some somewhat complicated to reach or to glimpse with the naked eye.

Location of the chests in Anthem

First of all, it must be made clear that there are different types of chests in Anthem. On the one hand those who are present in the game world and that once located and open will not contain loot, while there are others that will appear continuously and that will provide us with some rewards periodically.

The second types of chests are those that will provide us when we complete world events or Strongholds, so be clear that there are different ways to get this type of loot in the BioWare game. You should also know that the different methods of chewing of chests (some based on bugs or exploits of the game) are being fixed and eliminated by the study, so we will not indicate any since it will surely be unusable at the time you try or what you It will be from one moment to another.

The chests we find in the world

Yes we can show you the location of the chests in Anthem that we can find in different places on the map, thanks to a map made by the USGamer companions , to whom we give all the merits. If you follow this map and look well in the locations marked in red you will find these rewards in the game:

We really hope you find it useful to find these chests in the game. Remember that we also have other game guides like this one, in which we show you how luck works or this one in which we help you to quickly level up in an efficient way .


You can now play Anthem for free if you are an EA Access and Origin Access subscriber on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts has built Anthem his The Vault of EA Access and Origin Access for users of PC, PS4 and Xbox One who wish to try the multiplayer action game BioWare .

The title was put up for sale in February of this year along with great promises to offer a striking loot shooter experience in the aesthetic and careful in the playable, although some design problems and its short endgame content have not left the community too happy .

Thus, subscribers of the EA Access service have access to it, which means that fans who pay monthly subscriptions of 3.99 euros or annual subscriptions of 24.99 euros have it along with other important titles of the American publisher such as FIFA 19 or Battlefield V among many others.

BioWare, the authors of the title, have recognized a few days ago that there is still a lot of work ahead when it comes to improving the performance of the title and, in fact, they have admitted that there is time to see Anthem with all the promised changes.


Anthem leaves its arch structure for updates and details immediate and future changes

Anthem leaves its arch structure for updates and details immediate and future changes

In BioWare they claim to have been listening to fans’ concerns around their multiplayer shooter.

BioWare , the well-known development team, has spoken through its official blog about the current status of Anthem , and there they claim to have heard the feedback of the community not only around the last event, Cataclysm , but also about the current state of the video game .

The news that comes as a result of the feedback received after the expansion are the following:

  • Improvements in combat balance.
  • Adjustments in the economy of the crystals.
  • Additional types of rewards, to offer more freedom.
  • More tips on loading times to explain mechanics.
  • More detailed scoring panels at the end of missions.

All this type of new features are already available in the Public Test Server , where some fans are already putting them to the test and discovering the novelties for themselves, however it is not the only thing that is yet to come.

We are listening to your concerns on the main topics of Anthem, and we are acting to improve them, ” says Chad Robertson, the head of live video game services. when analyzing and developing them compared to quick fixes, but we have a team working on it right now and the first results are promising.”

“To address these long-term plans, we are moving away from the Acts structure for updates,” says the creative. “Instead, we have additional seasonal updates planned for this year that we believe, as players, you will enjoy. These events will offer challenges and persecutions similar to what you have seen, and are based on some fun themes that we are bringing to the game.” .

As I said before, we want to be transparent with you to know what you need more work to improve Anthem,” they continue. “We also want to make sure we support our words with a great game that you can enjoy. Therefore, I have no news today to share about the long-term changes we are bringing to Anthem. What I can say is that we will continue to interact with you, our community, through PTS when we can show you what is to come. ”

The video game, in all likelihood, will experience soon an increase in one of the most criticized aspects at the moment of the title, its small number of players. What is this about? Anthem is available for free in EA Access and Origin Access for subscribers of both services on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


This is how the Anthem combos system works

Gone are the times when you simply shot an enemy until he died and started again. In Anthem, the new game of EA and BioWare, a key part of the fight is the combos system: one that allows you to unleash powerful and spectacular blows … and that is not fully explained in the game. Yes, it is true: you can get powerful weapons, but for the most difficult modes you need to learn to combine skills. We explain how that issue works in this guide.

The “basis” of this mechanic is very, very simple: among the skills you can equip your halberd, there are some that are charges (‘first’) and others that are detonators (‘detonator’). Differentiating them is very easy: the charges have a one-point icon with a concentric circle, and the detonators have a four-pointed star. Weapons cannot load or detonate, but the halberd and equipment skills of the halberds can.

Any loaded enemy can “explode” with a detonator, resulting in a much higher damage combo. That said, the combos are different depending on the elemental damage with which an enemy is charged and the one used to detonate it, and any player can detonate enemies. Even those who haven’t loaded him. Keep in mind, yes, that a loaded enemy will only explode once, so it is better to detonate the halberd with better detonation of the team.

Which is the best to finish? Although all halberds deal extra damage in a combo, each has a different bonus that also applies when it goes well, so the answer to that question is situational. When doing combos …

  • The Command has extra damage against a single enemy that has loaded .
  • Storm disperses the elemental state that has inflicted nearby enemies.
  • The interceptor gains an aura based on the state applied to the enemy, which also applies to nearby enemies (for close combat).
  • Finally, the Colossus creates a small explosion of additional damage against enemies, something that suits him to fight at short-medium distance.

How do I know if an enemy is charged?

The enemies are involved in an effect that shows the elementary state in which they are imbued. If you see an enemy frozen or sparked, it’s time to finish them off with a combo.

Why are there skills that are not charges or detonators?
Skills that are not burdens or detonators have a much higher impact than others. To have a greater variety of options, you can choose between doing combos or simply alternating skills that cannot be combined. Then carry only loads, only detonators, one of each or none of the two: it all depends on how you want to take your character and how you coordinate with your friends.

What are the elementary states?

Charged enemies are not only ready to be finished off with a combo, but also have different abnormal states during the effect of the elementary state of the turn. Luckily, Anthem does explain what these states are in the Cortex.



Download Fortnite Game 6.9.0 Free For PC

During the last months, we have been able to see how survival games have had very good acceptance before the public. Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have had great success, becoming one of the most downloaded games of the moment. The guys from Epic Games want to join the car of the most successful survival games of the moment with their Fortnite Battle Royale title .

With the name of Fortnite Battle Royale, better known as Fortnite to dry, although some still refer to it as Fornite, we find a hilarious and exciting survival game , where more than one hundred players will face to see who is the Only survivor of the place. This is an exciting free PvP game or what is the same player versus player (PvP) where each player will control a character who must travel a huge map to end other players and be the only winner.

After downloading Fortnite Battle Royale for free on your PC, you will have access to a fascinating survival game where you can compete directly with your friends to see who is the best. Your adventure begins in a pre-combat room where you can equip your character with bandages, weapons and armor. Shortly after you will be parachuted to the pitch. Find the best place to land.

One of the strengths of this exciting shooter game, Fortnite , apart from being able to download Fortnite for free is that, in addition to being able to compete directly against dozens of players, you have at your disposal a huge stage with destructible environments that can play in your favor and where to build your own fortress or trench. Do not forget to collect resources that allow you to build your fort and protect yourself from other players.

Throughout the game you will acquire objects that will help you survive, such as weapons or armor. You have to keep in mind that the only winner of Battle Royale will be the one who manages to stand at the end of this intense battle. Will it be you

Perhaps, Fortnite Battle Royale does not have graphics as elaborate as those included in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but really are not necessary to have a good time with your friends and other players around the world. One of the strengths of this awesome survival shooter game is the intensity of your fighting.

Official video of Fortnite Battle Royale

As we have indicated previously, the graphic level of Fortnite Battle Royale may not be very spectacular, but still, once you enter the game you will be delighted, thanks to the capabilities of its graphic engine. Before downloading Fortnite on your PC, would you like to see the game in action?

If you are passionate about survival games in those in which you must fight against hundreds of online players for being the last one standing and simply, you want to discover how that game is that everyone has so much fun, do not miss the opportunity to download Fortnite Battle Royale for free on your PC.

Download Fortnite 6.9.0 from here: Click Here

How can I install Fortnite after downloading it?

  • Find the Fortnite file on your PC.
  • In Windows, press Control + J
  • On Mac, use Shift + Command + J
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen installation process.
  • Enjoy Fortnite for free!

Download Anthem Game Free For PC

From time to time, the electronic leisure sector experiences the scourge of a new online game that revolutionizes the cooperative or competitive landscape and causes millions of fans to appear worldwide. We’ve seen it with League of Legends, with CS: Go or with Rainbow Six Siege in recent years. Now, we bring you a new title called to become one of these phenomena that catch huge amounts of enthusiasts. It’s about Anthem.

Anthem is a promising action RPG developed by BioWare and Electronic Arts that will offer users a gigantic explorable world, mixing the most avant-garde technology we can imagine with the mysterious ruins of an ancient ancestral civilization. In that world, players will have to fight against a huge plethora of enemies, ranging from “simple” wild beasts to fearsome and ruthless looters. The meteorological phenomena will also take center stage as rivals since they will make us sweat blood to survive their inclemencies.

The main characters of Anthem will be the so-called “Freelancers” (or “Libranceros”, in Spanish), a seasoned explorers who, long ago, renounced the pleasures of life in society, to become adventurers willing to explore the most remote corners and dangerous of the universe.

To succeed in their incursions into unknown territories, Liberals use the “Javelin”, a kind of cyber armor or extras, endowed with devastating weapons and exclusive skills that we, as players, can customize and empower. The use of these powerful suits will undoubtedly be one of the great attractions of playing Anthem.

The title is developed in a wide-open world, in which we will have the possibility of playing both alone and forming a group of up to 4 users to face the adventure by cooperating as a team. Whichever way we choose, we will be awaiting hours and hours of pure action and fun, because many challenges hide within the game.

What secrets are hidden in the ancient ruins of ancestral civilizations? That is the question we will ask ourselves when we discover that an evil faction of unknown origin will try to break through at all costs to these ruins … Our task in Anthem will be to placate the invasion of that faction to prevent them from dominating an ancient power capable of ending with life as we know it.

Luckily, the Anthem Javelin armor will help us in our mission, not only by allowing us to move freely by land, sea, and air, but also by deploying a massive attack force and some unique abilities that will bring us closer to the status of gods than to that of simple humans.

As for the technical section of Anthem, we have no complaints … On the contrary! The game boasts brutal graphics that will help us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere created by the developers. As soon as we have a decent half team, we can enjoy the great beauty of the worked designs that this new BioWare license has.

Anthem trailer

If you still do not know the game, and you want to witness that great graphic invoice that we just told you about, we recommend that you sit quietly and play the video attached here. During the next 2 minutes, you will witness the power of the Anthem technical section, and you will be able to enjoy a preview of what awaits you in the game once you get a javelin armor:

If you have been convinced what you have seen (and we are sure that it has been), we can only recommend that you get the game, because we are facing the next great online phenomenon in the sector. So don’t think about it for another second, and run to download Anthem on your computer.

NOTE: As of the game’s release date (estimated for February 22, 2019), you will need to have a free Origin account to download Anthem.

Download Anthem from here: Click Here

How can I install Anthem after downloading it?

  • Find the Anthem file on your PC.
  • In Windows, press Control + J
  • On Mac, use Shift + Command + J
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen installation process.
  • Enjoy Anthem for free!