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From time to time, the electronic leisure sector experiences the scourge of a new online game that revolutionizes the cooperative or competitive landscape and causes millions of fans to appear worldwide. We’ve seen it with League of Legends, with CS: Go or with Rainbow Six Siege in recent years. Now, we bring you a new title called to become one of these phenomena that catch huge amounts of enthusiasts. It’s about Anthem.

Anthem is a promising action RPG developed by BioWare and Electronic Arts that will offer users a gigantic explorable world, mixing the most avant-garde technology we can imagine with the mysterious ruins of an ancient ancestral civilization. In that world, players will have to fight against a huge plethora of enemies, ranging from “simple” wild beasts to fearsome and ruthless looters. The meteorological phenomena will also take center stage as rivals since they will make us sweat blood to survive their inclemencies.

The main characters of Anthem will be the so-called “Freelancers” (or “Libranceros”, in Spanish), a seasoned explorers who, long ago, renounced the pleasures of life in society, to become adventurers willing to explore the most remote corners and dangerous of the universe.

To succeed in their incursions into unknown territories, Liberals use the “Javelin”, a kind of cyber armor or extras, endowed with devastating weapons and exclusive skills that we, as players, can customize and empower. The use of these powerful suits will undoubtedly be one of the great attractions of playing Anthem.

The title is developed in a wide-open world, in which we will have the possibility of playing both alone and forming a group of up to 4 users to face the adventure by cooperating as a team. Whichever way we choose, we will be awaiting hours and hours of pure action and fun, because many challenges hide within the game.

What secrets are hidden in the ancient ruins of ancestral civilizations? That is the question we will ask ourselves when we discover that an evil faction of unknown origin will try to break through at all costs to these ruins … Our task in Anthem will be to placate the invasion of that faction to prevent them from dominating an ancient power capable of ending with life as we know it.

Luckily, the Anthem Javelin armor will help us in our mission, not only by allowing us to move freely by land, sea, and air, but also by deploying a massive attack force and some unique abilities that will bring us closer to the status of gods than to that of simple humans.

As for the technical section of Anthem, we have no complaints … On the contrary! The game boasts brutal graphics that will help us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere created by the developers. As soon as we have a decent half team, we can enjoy the great beauty of the worked designs that this new BioWare license has.

Anthem trailer

If you still do not know the game, and you want to witness that great graphic invoice that we just told you about, we recommend that you sit quietly and play the video attached here. During the next 2 minutes, you will witness the power of the Anthem technical section, and you will be able to enjoy a preview of what awaits you in the game once you get a javelin armor:

If you have been convinced what you have seen (and we are sure that it has been), we can only recommend that you get the game, because we are facing the next great online phenomenon in the sector. So don’t think about it for another second, and run to download Anthem on your computer.

NOTE: As of the game’s release date (estimated for February 22, 2019), you will need to have a free Origin account to download Anthem.

Download Anthem from here: Click Here

How can I install Anthem after downloading it?

  • Find the Anthem file on your PC.
  • In Windows, press Control + J
  • On Mac, use Shift + Command + J
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen installation process.
  • Enjoy Anthem for free!

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