Play Anthem Game Now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

The American games publisher, Electronic Arts (EA) is releasing another stupendous video game on the 22nd of February, 2019. This game is called ‘Anthem Video Game’ and it will be launched for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. This is a role – playing video game where gamers can enjoy multiplayer action. Bioware Edmonton is the developer of this multiplayer action video game where players will take on the role of a Freelancer, implying a person who is out to explore the neighboring topography.

The plot of the Anthem video game centers around an unfinished world where humanity is struggling hard to survive in a devastating and threatening scenario. This game based on a scientific fiction assumes the player to become a Freelancer wearing the customizable Javelin exosuits. These huge exosuits will give the Freelancers superhuman qualities using which they will set themselves out on a task of surviving in the dangerous world outside Fort Tarsis. There will be four life – sized Javelins which are created by the supremely talented team at Henchmen Studios situated in Toronto, Canada. These Javelins are built in a way that will give an entirely new look to the world of Anthem.

Studio Bioware
Genre Action RPG
Platforms Origin, Xbox one, Playstation 4
Release Date February 22, 2019
Audio EN, FR, ES, DE, IT
Language EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, PL, RU, JP, BP, TC, SC, KO
Director(s): Jonathan Warner
Producer(s): Mark Darrah; Michael Gamble
Engine: Frostbite 3

Anthem Game – Features

A teaser of the Anthem video game was released during EA’s ‘EA Play pre – E3’ press conference on the 10th of June, 2017. A demo was given by Microsoft the next day on Xbox One X. At that time, the game was slated for a Q4 2018 release but was pushed forward to an early 2019 launch. Anthem game’s demo was released by Bioware on the 25th of January, 2019 so that the game is available for pre – order customers and for the public, February 1st is the date.

As per Anthem game’s demo and trailer, this EA release has the following significant features:

  • Anthem game has all the features of 3D shooter games where a TPS i.e. Third Person Shooter can be seen while the game is in play.
  • Since Anthem is an action role – playing video game, therefore, real – time combat is a main element of this video game.
  • This game also is based in a common virtual world with not more than three players or Freelancers wearing customized Iron Man exosuits called Javelins. These Javelins are very powerful with unique weaponry and superhuman abilities.
  • There are four Javelins namely – Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm.
  • Fort Tarsis is the assimilating point for the players. It is here that the players will get new missions; new content and all the factions of the game will meet.
  • Anthem will have all the elements of a shared world. Both the single – player and co – operative multiplayer are allowed to have up to 4 squad members in their team.
  • Each team has to fight the ferocious beasts in the path of exploring lost ruins while experiencing enormous Shaper Storms.

Anthem Gameplay

Bioware’s Anthem game has four Javelins with superhuman abilities. These Javelins are out on the task to save humanity from further devastations and decay. This band of Javelin exosuits pilots will define the fate of humanity. A description of all the four Javelin exosuits is as follows:

Ranger Javelin

  • Ranger is the most versatile Javelin in the world of Anthem games and it is always ready for a combat.
  • Ranger is a very deadly Javelin who is piloted by Sentinels and Freelancers. Its main focus is on versatility with single – target offense style.
  • ‘Dash’ is Ranger’s defense move; Jump Type is ‘Double’ and Play style is ‘Soldier’.
    Ranger Javelin has special skill abilities such as ‘Shock Mace or Male Ability’ and ‘Multi – Target Missile Battery or Ultimate Ability’.
  • Ranger Javelin Gear includes two pieces of Assault Gear and one piece of Support Gear. Ranger’s weaponry includes – Inferno Grenade, Frost Grenade, Seeker Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Seeking Missile, Pulse Blast, Spark Beam, Venom Darts, Blast Missile, Bulwark Point and Muster Point.

Colossus Javelin

  • The very powerful, heavily armored Javelin in the world of Anthem is the Colossus Javelin.
  • Colossus is the only Javelin out of the four who can equip heavy weapons.
  • Its focus is on ‘Resilience’ and offense style is ‘Multi – Target’. With defense move ‘Shield’, Colossus has jump type and playstyle of ‘Rocket’ and ‘Heavy – Hitting Tank’ respectively.
  • Colossus Javelin has two man skills or abilities, one is the ‘Heavy Assault Gear or the Flame Thrower’ and second one is, the ‘Ordnance Launcher or High Explosive Mortar’.
  • Colossus Javelin Gear includes – High Explosive Mortar, Burst Mortar, Firewall Mortar, Lightning Coil, Shock Coil, Siege Artillery, Flame Thrower, Flak Cannon, Railgun, Venom Spitter, Battle Cry and Shield Pulse.

Interceptor Javelin

  • Most nimble Javelin in Anthem games is the Interceptor Javelin. This Javelin is a pro at dealing with damage done to the enemies and then hurrying them away.
  • Interceptor Javelin’s focus is on ‘agility’ and offense style is ‘Single – Target’.
  • With ‘triple Dash’ defense move and ‘Triple’ as it’s jump style, this Javelin makes difficult look easy.
  • ‘Fast and Precise’ is Interceptor’s playstyle and its special skills include ‘Target Beacon’ and ‘Venom Bomb’.
  • Three unique pieces of gear of the Interceptor include – an Assault System, a Strike System and Support System.
  • Other weaponry of Interceptor Javelin includes – Searching Glaive, Venom Bomb, Cryo Glaive, Cluster Mine, Spark Dash, Detonating Strike, Plasma Star, Wraith Strike, Tempest Strike, Venom Spray, Target Beacon and Rally Cry.

Storm Javelin

  • The thunderous and electrifying Javelin of the Anthem games is the Storm Javelin.
  • This Javelin is known for channeling the raw energy of the Anthem via its seals. Storm will hover over the battleground to mete out damage.
  • Storm Javelin is very tumultuous, although it has powerful seals and minimal armor. This Javelin can challenge an experienced cavalryman.
  • Storm’s focus is on ‘Firepower’ while its offense style is ‘Area of Effect’. Defense move ‘Blink/Teleport’, jump style ‘Hover’ and playstyle ‘Glass Cannon’, Storm is all about creating thunderous magic.
  • It is loaded with two special abilities – ‘Focus Seal or Frost Shards’ and ‘Ultimate Ability or Elemental Storm’.
  • Storm Javelin Gear has three unique seals which are – Blast Seal, Focus Seal and Support Seal.
  • Its weaponry includes – Lightning Strike, Ice Storm, Flame Burst, Ice Blast, Living Flame, Frost Shards, Burning Orb, Shock Burst, Glacial Spear, Arc Burst, Wind Wall and Quickening Field.

Anthem Game Ways to Play

There are three main cohesive experiences around which a player’s adventures will cease to exist in the world of Anthem. Exploring the world of Anthem, every Freelancer will create their own distinct way. The three main exploratory ways that Freelancers can use are given as follows:

Missions: Set yourself out on a mission while playing Anthem game. Progress your way by earning experience, finding and collecting loot while playing through the story. You can set out on the mission all by yourself or you can ask your friends to join you. Opening up the mission to the other fellow player can also be done by matchmaking.

Strongholds: Probably the most difficult adventure in the game of Anthem is Strongholds. These are somewhat similar to an underground prison or a Dungeon but they are more challenging than a Dungeon. Strongholds will let you push your skills to the fullest with equally great rewards. Only experienced Freelancers with a complete team squad will be able to take n Strongholds.

Freeplay: Freeplay, as the name suggests, allows the player to select a Javelin in order to explore the world of Anthem games either solely or with a squad. This freeplay mode will help you roam freely in the world of Anthem. This way you can get acquainted with the geography of the Anthem games world. You can also discover any missed out secrets during combat or while searching for gear and crafting materials.

Anthem Game Bonuses

Anthem game has two editions that are available for pre – ordering. Both the editions will yield you some bonuses. For both the editions, two sub – bonuses will also be given away, one is access to the exclusive VIP demo of the game and the open demo as well. Second bonus is the Founders themed player banner in your in – game profile when Anthem game is released on 22nd February. Check out the Pre – Order Bonus lists given below:

Anthem Game Standard Edition

With the Standard Edition pre – order, you will also get a Legendary Weapon, Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger Armor Pack, Founders Player Banner and VIP access to pre – launch game demos.


Anthem Game Legion of Dawn Edition

By pre – ordering Legion of Dawn Edition, you will get the bonuses available in the Standard Edition. Along with those bonuses, some other bonuses will also be given on pre – order of Legion of Dawn Edition. These are – Legendary Armor Packs for all the four Javelins, Gear Attachment for Ranger Javelin and Anthem Digital Soundtrack.

Here’s where you can pre-order the standard edition now:

Amazon – $60 — (digital copy) — PS4 | Xbox One | PC
Best Buy – $60 (includes $10 reward certificate) — PS4 | Xbox One | PC
Microsoft Store — $60 — Xbox One ($53 with EA Access)
Newegg — $50 — PS4 | Xbox One | PC
PlayStation Store — $60 — PS4
Target — $60 — PS4 | Xbox One | PC
Walmart — $60 — PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Here’s where you can pre-order the Legion of Dawn Edition now:

Amazon — $80 — (digital copy) — PS4 | Xbox One
Best Buy — $80 (includes $10 reward certificate) — PS4 | Xbox One | PC
GameStop — $80 — PS4 | Xbox One
Microsoft Store — $80 — Xbox One ($72 with EA Access)
Newegg — $70 — PS4 | Xbox One
PlayStation Store — $80 — PS4