How to find and locate all chests in Anthem

If you are a completist player or simply want to facilitate the search for the collectibles of the latest BioWare title, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this guide, as we will help you find all the chests in Anthem, which are scattered all over the world of game in different locations, some somewhat complicated to reach or to glimpse with the naked eye.

Location of the chests in Anthem

First of all, it must be made clear that there are different types of chests in Anthem. On the one hand those who are present in the game world and that once located and open will not contain loot, while there are others that will appear continuously and that will provide us with some rewards periodically.

The second types of chests are those that will provide us when we complete world events or Strongholds, so be clear that there are different ways to get this type of loot in the BioWare game. You should also know that the different methods of chewing of chests (some based on bugs or exploits of the game) are being fixed and eliminated by the study, so we will not indicate any since it will surely be unusable at the time you try or what you It will be from one moment to another.

The chests we find in the world

Yes we can show you the location of the chests in Anthem that we can find in different places on the map, thanks to a map made by the USGamer companions , to whom we give all the merits. If you follow this map and look well in the locations marked in red you will find these rewards in the game:

We really hope you find it useful to find these chests in the game. Remember that we also have other game guides like this one, in which we show you how luck works or this one in which we help you to quickly level up in an efficient way .

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