How to fly in Anthem and do it right

Although the BioWare game has simple mechanics, they all have certain tricks that cost more to master, but you should know to get the most out of the game. In this case the same thing happens with the possibility of flying in Anthem, and we have made this little guide that we hope will help you improve your aerial skills.

How to fly in Anthem efficiently

Once you are in the air you must take into account the overheating of the halberd. If you swoop down you will cool the halberd, as if you pass through waterfalls or areas of water. Do it whenever you can and always keep the bar in focus before it is no longer usable.

We recommend that you fly efficiently in Anthem by pressing the cover button to make small stops that will allow you to reposition the position. This is tremendously useful for overcoming obstacles and making closed movements. Try it, it is much better than doing the movement in a normal way. And remember that each halberd has special flight skills , which we detail below.

Unique flight skills

To fly in Anthem perfectly you must follow our previous advice, but you must also take advantage of the special skills of each of the halberds:

Storm has a shield while it is covered and is able to stay in the air for longer. Take the opportunity to launch attacks and shots from above.

The Colossus is able to open the shield while it is flying, which is a very useful advantage to launch itself against the enemies and take advantage of their offensive abilities.

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