How to Play Anthem on PC/ Computer?

The newly launched game by EA Games, Anthem, is creating waves across video game lovers. This game allows the players to become freelancers who are out to explore the chaotic, dangerous world. These freelancers are given the task of saving the humanity from the shackles of a devastating scenario. Complete information is given below about how players can lead their way to victory by playing Anthem game on their PC. Follow the guide given below:

Playing Anthem Game on PC via Origin Access Premier

  • Origin Access Premier is a game subscription service where gaming enthusiasts can take a trial of any of the EA gaming titles and avail a 10% discount on all Origin digital purchases.
  • The monthly subscription charges are Rs. 999 whereas Rs. 6,499 is the yearly charges.
  • An evolving collection of 188 games is available to Origin Access Premier Subscribers.

Playing Anthem Game on PC via Origin Access Basic

  • A 10 – hour trial version of Anthem game is also available for Origin Access Basic members. This implies that players can play for 10 hours straight and explore the game missions and Strongholds.
  • Origin Access Basic members can avail a monthly subscription of EA Games for Rs. 315 and a yearly subscription for Rs. 1,999.
  • A 10% Origin Access member discount can also be availed when a player plans to purchase the game, after which the progress will be carried forward.

Purchase Anthem Game to Play on PC

If someone wants to skip the trials and start playing Anthem game right away, then they can follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the ‘Anthem page’ on EA Games official website.
  • Click on ‘Get the Game’ button.
  • Select the edition out of ‘Legion of Dawn’ and ‘Standard’.
  • Start downloading your preferred edition.

See the keyboard layout for flying and fighting in your javelin in Anthem Game.

Anthem Game Minimum Requirements

Operating system:64-bit Windows 10
Processor (Intel):

Intel Core i5 3570

Graphics card (NVIDIA): GTX 760

GTX 760

Graphics card (NVIDIA):

GTX 760

Graphics card (AMD):

Radeon 7970/R9280X

Video memory:



8GB System RAM

Hard drive space:

At least 50GB of free space


DirectX 11

Internet connection:

512 kbps or faster stable internet connection
Processor (AMD):
AMD FX-6350

Anthem Recommended System Requirements

Operating system:
64-bit Windows

Processor (Intel):

Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz

Processor (AMD):

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz

Graphics card (NVIDIA):

NVIDIA GTX 1060/RTX 2060

Graphics card (AMD):

AMD RX 480

Video memory:

Memory: 16GB System RAM

Hard drive space:



DirectX 11

Internet connection:

512 kbps or faster stable internet connection

Javelin Controls on PC

While gaming on PC, players/freelancers will have full control over the keys and they can control every feature of their chosen Javelin. Below are the default settings of a PC gamer which players can also customize according to their preferences:

Keyboard Layout for Controlling your Javelin on PC

KeyKey Function
W Key: Move Forward
A Key: Move Left
S Key: Move Back
D Key:  Move Right
Left Shift:  Sprint/Fly While in Air
Left Ctrl/Middle Mouse Button:  Evade
Mouse: Rotate Camera
C Key/Thumb Mouse Button: 
Space Bar: 
Jump/Exit Flight While Flying
Space Bar (multiple times): 
Double Jump (Ranger)/Triple Jump (Interceptor)/Thrusters (Colossus)
R Key: 
Mouse Wheel: Switch Weapons
F Key: 
V Key: 
Melee Attack
Right Mouse Button: 
Aim Weapon
Left Mouse Button:  Fire Weapon
Q Key:  Use Ability 1
E Key:  Use Ability 2
Z Key:  Use Ability 3
X Key:  Use Ultimate Ability
Comma Key (,): Activate Emote 1
Period Key (.):  Activate Emote 2
Slash Key (/):  Activate Emote 3
J Key:  Go to Cortex
Esc Key:  Go to Menu
T Key: VOIP Push-to-talk

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