Luck in Anthem – How it works and usage guide

If you have arrived here then you probably want to know how luck works in anthem and why it is so important. First of all you have to know what they do has a huge amount of statistics that can affect certain areas of the game environment and in addition each player can invest in improving each of these statistics by making the experience enormously personalized. Although most of the statistics before are not as simple and as simple as defense or attack power, there are others a bit more like luck.

In this article we describe everything you need to know about luck and why it is important. The main objective of luck is to improve the possibility of finding better quality objects and even rare and legendary objects. The more you invest in this field of statistics, the more chances you have of getting very good items after each battle. Obviously, luck serves for more things than to obtain objects. We tell you everything in this article.

Luck in Anthem – why it is important

One of the main reasons why you want to have more luck is because you want high quality items, which are extremely expensive and will give you a huge amount of coins. Or maybe it’s because they simply have additional bonuses within each of their statistics. As you know, united green has an additional ability while a blue one has two and a legendary one has three.

Having more skills will make you much more compete to face enemies and other players. One of these skills is, for example, the possibility of having 20% ​​more ammunition in your assault rifle, which ends up assuming the difference between victory and defeat.

Luck in Anthem – how to be more likely to find these items

The higher your probability of finding these items, the more likely you are to obtain an object that is really useful or extremely expensive. Keep in mind that all objects that appear to you after defeating a character are completely random. This is similar to what happens in other video games such as Destiny 2 of which we have written a lot of articles.

This is essentially all you have to know about luck in anthem. Essentially it is a statistic that allows you to obtain rare and very good quality items or items that are simply standard and mediocre. It is up to you to know if you want to invest points in luck or in any of the rest of the statistics that the game has. We hope you liked our article and see you in the next post about anthem.

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