You can now play Anthem for free if you are an EA Access and Origin Access subscriber on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts has built Anthem his The Vault of EA Access and Origin Access for users of PC, PS4 and Xbox One who wish to try the multiplayer action game BioWare .

The title was put up for sale in February of this year along with great promises to offer a striking loot shooter experience in the aesthetic and careful in the playable, although some design problems and its short endgame content have not left the community too happy .

Thus, subscribers of the EA Access service have access to it, which means that fans who pay monthly subscriptions of 3.99 euros or annual subscriptions of 24.99 euros have it along with other important titles of the American publisher such as FIFA 19 or Battlefield V among many others.

BioWare, the authors of the title, have recognized a few days ago that there is still a lot of work ahead when it comes to improving the performance of the title and, in fact, they have admitted that there is time to see Anthem with all the promised changes.

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