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Following a popular but rocky launch. 

Temtem’s launch has been something of a roller coaster, as while the game has experienced significant demand, it’s also been struggling to keep up with said numbers. Thankfully it seems the situation is now under control, as developer Crema says it’s managed to stabilise the servers.

Launched in early access on Tuesday, Temtem is essentially Pokmon but an MMO – and this popular combination earned it a peak of nearly 32k players on Steam. Unfortunately, this started causing problems, with players experiencing long queue times, login problems and lag issues. At one point Crema had to cap the game at 20k players, and noted players could request a refund if they didn’t want to wait for the servers to stabilise. At least the community seems to be making light of it.

C’mon guys from r/PlayTemtem

Judging by the honest (and quite sweet) flow of updates on Temtem’s Twitter, the team’s been working diligently to get things back up and running – and after multiple hotfixes and server restarts, Temtem says it can now deal with over 27k users at once.

If you’re wondering how these numbers compare to other titles on Steam, while the figures aren’t enough to put Temtem in the top 10 (which ranges from nearly 665k concurrents for Counter Strike to 46k for ARK: Survival Evolved), it’s still been holding its own with some big names. According to Steam’s official stats it’s currently in 23rd place with 21k concurrents, just below Red Dead Redemption 2 (on 22k), and above Total War: Three Kingdoms on 21k. Not bad for an indie developer.

Now the ball’s really rolling for Temtem, I’m looking forward to creating my very own Pokmon Temtem trainer tamer and exploring the world for myself.

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