Learn How to Master Jumping, Flying, Swimming, and more in your Javelin.

While Freelancers will explore the threatening world by playing Anthem, the new video game launched by EA Games. So, they should grasp some traversal tips which will lead them to victory. There will be several trials and tribulations which players will have to face in the world of Anthem. But what is important is that, there will always be a way out through which Freelancers can unlock their path to victory using the four powerful Javelins.

Below we have mentioned some traversal tips so as to ease the players:


Each of the four Javelins in Anthem game is very different with their jumping style, so Freelancers need to learn their variations. Javelin exosuits will function as per their propelling forces and their jumping actions are briefed about below:

  • Double Jump by Ranger Javelin will help a player to spring through every hurdle.
  • Since Interceptor Javelin is super quick with its movements therefore it is very much for competent for a Triple Jump.
  • The Storm Javelin has the ability to float higher in the air while jumping so as to have a perfect hovering position over the battleground.
  • The Colossus Javelin can boost its double jump while being in the air.


  • Flying is such an integral part of Anthem game missions because a lot of elements are scattered in the unending sky where Freelancers will suit up their Javelin for an air combat.
  • But actually, flight is more than just fun and combat. These flights make the world of Anthem so fascinating and intriguing when Javelins will take down enemies by attacking them right away in the sky.
  • Every Javelin will have a different flying technique so in case you are worried about the Colossus lagging behind due to its heavy built up, then there are more agile and quick Javelins as well to complete a mission.


  • Well, Javelins cannot keep flying all through the missions and they need some source of water to cool down the jets.
  • Jets are very essential to take a flight so it is necessary that overheating of these jets is avoided because if it happens, then these jets will shut down, hence leading to the Javelins falling out on the ground.
  • Thus, it is very important to develop a good strategy to pilot these Javelins. If overheating starts, then you can quickly look for some source of water to take a dive into it and then gain your flight back into the battle.


  • Javelins can stop for hovering over a place during a flight or while jumping.
  • This can be a good strategy for various reasons – you can decide which position to take during a combat; you can observe the battlefield and churn out your next plan accordingly.
  • A tactical positioning will also help you to fire weapons while hovering only so that you can keep the enemy confused.
  • Though all the Javelins qualify for the flight function but Storm Javelin is the most recommended for flight operations. Storm won’t heat rapidly as other Javelins would and it can hover for a relatively more amount of time.


  • One thing has to be remembered that, enemies and loot can also be below you and not just above or in front of you.
  • The water bodies are not just a source of natural beauty but these can also serve as underwater passageways helping you to making a way out in this mission.
  • If you only explored flights during this mission, then you would probably end up missing out on underwater treasures.
  • Javelins can still operate their flying jets while being completely submerged in water because this will also avoid overheating.

Defensive Maneuvers

Selecting the correct Javelin which matches up with your playing style is very important. Every Javelin shall have a unique defensive ability and each of them shall maneuver differently with their own combat styles. It depends upon you, the pilot of this game, as to how will you master each Javelin’s defensive skills. Below are the details of how every Javelin moves:

  • Choose Ranger Javelin if you are wanting to have a quick maneuver
  • Interceptor Javelin is skilled in triple dash, implying that you can choose it if you want to dash in and attack an enemy and then again dash back out.
  • Storm Javelin can transmit to short distances, hence dodging enemies.
  • Preventing any incoming damage, Colossus Javelin can raise a protective guard which will save you from the enemy.