How to Play Anthem – A Beginner’s Guide and Tips

EA Games have released yet another stupendous game for their viewers, called Anthem. Every beginner need to learn some quick tips on how to combat using Javelins. Also, the importance of teamwork is what every player should learn about. Given below are few tips and tricks on the basics of Anthem combat.

How to unlock Javelins to play Anthem game?

Since javelins exosuits are the only way to combat in this horrifying world, so one should know the strengths of each Javelin in order to choose a specific playstyle. Players will not have an immediate access to any of the four Javelins instead they will to unlock them. Javelins can be unlocked in the following order:

  • 1st Javelin unlock at level 2
  • 2nd Javelin unlock at level 8
  • 3rd Javelin unlock at level 16
  • 4th Javelin unlock at level 26

How to select the right Javelin during Anthem gameplay?

Fight with the right Javelin is a very basic thing that every player should learn. There are 4 Javelins and each of them has some unique ability to make players win the game. These are:

Colossus Javelin

Having very strong defensive abilities, Colossus is a hard – hitting tank – like Javelin which can crash into enemies to protect its squad mates. This Javelin is loaded with heavy weaponry which acts as a shield for the squad.

Interceptor Javelin

This Javelin is agile and fast paced with an ability to cause massive damage to the enemies and them rushing them away. Interceptor is an expert of fast and close combat with enemies.

Ranger Javelin

Ranger is quite balanced and versatile and probably the one Javelin which will always be ready for a combat. Also, this Javelin is very deadly and it is best suited for close and long – range combats.

Storm Javelin

The long range fighter Javelin is the Storm. Hovering over ice, fire, fray can be easily done by Storm as it is a master of all the elements. By maintaining a considerably safe distance, players can use this Javelin for lightning attacks.

How to choose Gear and Weapons while playing Anthem?

  • Players can customize their loadout by selecting gear to have an optimized playstyle. Choosing the right kind of gear will also lead to modifications in the Javelin that a player has chosen.
  • Every Javelin in this game has 2 Assault, 1 Support Gear, 2 weapons and 6 components. As and when players progress, many more things will unlocked.
  • Players will collect some items, each of them with their own level and rarity. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork and Legendary are the six rarity types.
  • Post a mission, players should head to the forge and check which gear and components collected are superior to the current options. Had the players’ collection include more powerful and rare items, higher will be the preparedness of the player to face more powerful opponents.
  • Talking about weaponry, players will familiarize themselves with weapons in the field only. After unlocking a secondary slot, players can witch their weapons on a regular basis.

Quick Tips on how to use Javelin abilities and triumph as one

  • Javelin Abilities: Since each Javelin has some unique ability, so it is important to charge these abilities by taking down enemies. Complete your ability bar by aiming at a group of enemies rather than hitting on a single target.
  • Traversal Basics: After finishing in the Forge and heading out into the world requires every player to master in traversals so as to emerge victorious during the fight. These basics include – hovering and flying in mid – air attacks, a good heat management strategy which implies that cooling down to extend flight timing is necessary.
  • Triumph as One: Adventure is strong and powerful only if it is done with a squad. If a player does not have a squad as yet, they can create one via Anthem’s matchmaking where two or three Freelancers can join. The world of Anthem can also be explored in freeplay and off course, combating becomes fun and rewarding when done together.

Anthem Javelin Types/Classes

Anthem is the latest game published under EA sports which have been released for public on 22 Feb 2019. The game is multiplayer action role playing video game which have been developed by Bioware. As the game have been released , there are some controls in the game which you need to know to successfully compete in the game. In this article we will cover the different type of javelins used in the game.

What are javelins in Anthem Game?

The javelins are the powered suits used by freelancers in the anthem games. These suits grants the user with various superhuman capabilities when fulfilling a combat role in the game. There are four models of javelins in the anthem game, and each one of the javelin model that exists have different strengths to combat in the game. There are mainly four javelins which are:

The Ranger Javelin
The Colossus Javelin
The Storm Javelin
The Interceptor Javelin

Freelancers can choose themselves which powered suite they will use to go ahead in their mission. Now here we will learn about the different javelins used in anthem gameplay, their powers, their strengths and the javelin which will be suited for the gamers for their missions.

Anthem Javelin Colossus

Colossus is largest of the four javelins which have great ability to defense. This javelin carries a deployable shield and also a Siegge Cannon which is highly destructive. This war machine is designed to clear out the entire group of dangerous creatures with its heavy artillery, great weapons and also a flamethrower. This javelin include some of the most exuberant features such as jet propulsion, cup-holder, cannon and also strengthened armor plating. If you are comfortable in the game playing with heavy artillery, than colossus is one javelin you need to complete your missions during anthem gameplay.

Colossus Javelin Abilities

If you think you need a heavy war machine with lots of weapon which can destroy a small army with it’s superpower, then you need this colossus heavy war machine in your missions. This machine is the only javelin in the anthem gameplay which can control any number of heavy weapons as rest of them support only two.

Now let’s look into the abilities of this super machine:

Heavy Assault Gear

Also known as “Flame Thrower”, this weapon helps you to burn anything in your way with a stream of fire.

Ordinance Launcher

Also known as “High Expansive Mortar”, this weapon can destroy full area including each and every enemy. This ability launches a projectile which is very volatile and have ability to completely clear an area.

Anthem Colossus Javelin Gameplay Features

Focus Resilience
Offense Style Multi-Target
Defense Move Shield
Jump Type Rocket
Playstyle Heavy-Hitting Tank

The Interceptor Javelin

Though this javelin in anthem gameplay not have a heavy armory like the colossus, but it still have enough power to beat any enemy with full skill or force. It has an excellent skill to get close to the enemy and deal with the damage. After that it have ability to run away before the enemy forces can strike back. This javelin of the anthem game possess the power of powerful blades along with full suite with devastating and destructive abilities. Therefore Anthem Javelin Interceptor is an excellent support and is self dependent.

Interceptor Javelin Abilities

The Anthem Interceptor Javelin have the following abilities to intercept any enemy forces:

Support System

Support System also known as “Target Beacon” helps to make your enemy an easy target by increasing the damage your partners do to them.

Assault System

Assault System which is also known as “Venom Bomb” which explodes with the burst of the acid and it is placed very well by the interceptor

Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay Features

Focus Agility
Offense Style Single-Target
Defense Move Triple Dash
Jump Type Triple
Playstyle Fast and Precise

Anthem Javelin Storm

One of the most destructive and peculiar javelin, it can help to destroy enemies with it’s powerful seal technology with help of raw energy of the Anthem. The anthem javelin storm was developed by developed by the Dominion in their home of Stralheim, this javelin make use of seal technology which boosts the power of the pilot. When the power of pilot is boosted, it results in floating of the storm javelin above the ground level. This anthem storm javelin produces enormous amount of energy, but it have limited defensive powers and will need an expert pilot to combat in the mission and get protected from the damage.

As the storm javelin uses raw power of anthem to destroy it’s enemies, its powerful seal energy and minimum weapons can make even veteran player of the game to sweat.

Storm Javelin Abilities

Let’s have the look at abilities of the anthem storm javelin:

Focus Seal

Focus seal also known as “Frost Shards” will blow the frozen shards on enemy as they will be frozen when this ability of storm javelin is used in anthem gameplay.

Ultimate Ability

This ability can also be called as “Elemental Storm” as the power generates a storm of energy in a designated area and enemies are unable to withstand this amount of energy, that’s why it’s rightly named as storm.

Anthem Storm Javelin Gameplay Features

Focus Firepower
Offense Style Area of Effect
Defense Move Blink/Teleport
Jump Type Hover
Playstyle Glass Cannon

Anthem Javelin Ranger

First Javelin that you will come across in the anthem game is the “Ranger Javelin”. Any freelancer who starts playing the anthem game get trained on this. Though this javelin is the first of the four, it have all the power to combat in any missions. This ranger have all the tricks you need to compete in the mission and it can also be used in the end of the missions. If the player is riding with master pilots on The Ranger javelin, it can generate so much power in the combat that no other javelin can reach of the four available now.

Ranger Javelin Abilities

As we know about the javelins now, let’s look in to the abilities that this ranger javelin possess.

Melee Ability

This ability is also known as “Shock mace”. In this ability the javelin have a hand-held lightning stick which is useful in electrifying melee fight.

Ultimate Ability

This is one of the most powerful ability that ranger have in its armory. Also known as “Multi-Target Missile Battery”, this ability in anthem ranger javelin gameplay helps to fire multiple missiles that can destroy multiple targets which are moving at one go.

Anthem Ranger Javelin Gameplay Features

Focus Versatility
Offense Style Single-Target;
Defense Move Dash
Jump Type Double
Playstyle Soldier