How to Play Anthem Game on PS4

EA Games has released a new game called Anthem where Freelancers will take up the task of saving the world and humanity from destruction. Players playing this Role Playing Game (RPG) of Anthem via their Playstation 4 will get to experience an all new mysterious world crafted by Bioware and Electronic Arts (EA). Armored Javelins wearing extremely powerful exosuits will help you explore the deadly yet beautiful world. Players can choose their Javelin to battle the fierce enemies.

Using the following controls on their PS4, players can embark on a new expedition with their team of Freelancers:

Left Stick: Movement/Throttle and Banking Control in Flight

Left Stick (Clicked – L3): Sprint/Fly While in Air

Right Stick: Rotate Camera/Steer While Flying

Right Stick (Clicked – R3): Hover While in Air

X Button: Jump/Exit Flight While Flying

X Button (multiple times): Double Jump (Ranger)/Triple Jump (Interceptor)/Thrusters (Colossus)

Square Button: Reload

Square Button (Held): Switch Weapons/Interact

Circle Button: Evade

Circle Button + Left Stick (in any direction): Air Evade While Flying

Triangle Button: Melee Attack

L2 Button: Aim Weapon

R2 Button: Fire Weapon

L1 Button: Use Ability 1

R1 Button: Use Ability 2

L1 Button + R1 Button: Use Ability 3

D-Pad Up: Use Ultimate Ability

D-Pad Left: Activate Selected Emote

D-Pad Down: Activate Selected Emote

D-Pad Right: Activate Selected Emote

Options Button: Go to Cortex

Touch Pad: Go to Menu