This is how the Anthem combos system works

Gone are the times when you simply shot an enemy until he died and started again. In Anthem, the new game of EA and BioWare, a key part of the fight is the combos system: one that allows you to unleash powerful and spectacular blows … and that is not fully explained in the game. Yes, it is true: you can get powerful weapons, but for the most difficult modes you need to learn to combine skills. We explain how that issue works in this guide.

The “basis” of this mechanic is very, very simple: among the skills you can equip your halberd, there are some that are charges (‘first’) and others that are detonators (‘detonator’). Differentiating them is very easy: the charges have a one-point icon with a concentric circle, and the detonators have a four-pointed star. Weapons cannot load or detonate, but the halberd and equipment skills of the halberds can.

Any loaded enemy can “explode” with a detonator, resulting in a much higher damage combo. That said, the combos are different depending on the elemental damage with which an enemy is charged and the one used to detonate it, and any player can detonate enemies. Even those who haven’t loaded him. Keep in mind, yes, that a loaded enemy will only explode once, so it is better to detonate the halberd with better detonation of the team.

Which is the best to finish? Although all halberds deal extra damage in a combo, each has a different bonus that also applies when it goes well, so the answer to that question is situational. When doing combos …

  • The Command has extra damage against a single enemy that has loaded .
  • Storm disperses the elemental state that has inflicted nearby enemies.
  • The interceptor gains an aura based on the state applied to the enemy, which also applies to nearby enemies (for close combat).
  • Finally, the Colossus creates a small explosion of additional damage against enemies, something that suits him to fight at short-medium distance.

How do I know if an enemy is charged?

The enemies are involved in an effect that shows the elementary state in which they are imbued. If you see an enemy frozen or sparked, it’s time to finish them off with a combo.

Why are there skills that are not charges or detonators?
Skills that are not burdens or detonators have a much higher impact than others. To have a greater variety of options, you can choose between doing combos or simply alternating skills that cannot be combined. Then carry only loads, only detonators, one of each or none of the two: it all depends on how you want to take your character and how you coordinate with your friends.

What are the elementary states?

Charged enemies are not only ready to be finished off with a combo, but also have different abnormal states during the effect of the elementary state of the turn. Luckily, Anthem does explain what these states are in the Cortex.


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